How to use Anki flashcards to learn English FAST

Do you need to learn English as fast as possible?

Anki flashcards will allow you to learn vocabulary and grammar in record time (and never forget it!)

Discover how.

What you will learn

  • Why you must use flashcards to improve your English fast
  • Why Anki flashcards are so effective
  • How use flashcards to learn basic vocabulary
  • How to use flashcards to learn advanced vocabulary
  • How to use flashcards to learn grammar

What's include

  • 5 video lessons (view the recording any time)
  • Homework to complete after every lesson
  • A list of useful resources for making flashcards

Course Curriculum

What past students say

"Anki flashcards were perfect for me"

"Maria: My last IELTS test was 8777.  I took it twice. The first time was speaking 7, reading 6.5, listening 8 points and writing 6.5  

Kieran: Just in terms of English and not preparing for the exam, what would you say has most helped you to improve your English.  

Maria: When learning some new words, Anki [flashcards] helped me a lot.  There are some people who learn words just writing them down. As for me, I need some associations, and in that sense Anki [flashcards] were perfect for me."

Other student comments

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About your teacher

Kieran Lonergan

I'm from London, England,  and have been a CELTA qualified English teacher since 2010.

I have a degree in Modern Languages and I currently work for the British Council.

I specialize in IELTS preparation and in the last last seven years I've helped hundreds of students get the score they need in the IELTS test.

I have a 5-star teacher rating on To see my student reviews on Italki, click here.

What students say about my lessons

"Such an amazing progress from 6.0 in January of this year to 7.5 in September has been real because of your educational pattern."

Liubov Zhilina
Living in Canada

 "Without Kieran's lessons I wouldn't be studying what I love here in England." 

Daniel Sampaio
Studying in England

 "You're a great teacher and I'm glad that I saw Max's feedback and decided to take lessons with you. Your approach to writing really helped me understand the criteria very clearly." 

Nina Romanova
Living in Canada